Relationship Counseling

Learn more about what's working and what you can improve using a valid and reliable measure of relationship quality. Kevin Zimmerman, LMFT, is an expert in relationship quality improvement. He uses a well-validated relationship quality questionnaire, the Dyadic Adjustment Scale, to determine problem areas and to assess relationship improvement.  




Invest in yourself, your relationship, and your future by getting the help your relationship needs today.

Using an approach that allows him to identify and transform problematic interactions, Mr. Zimmerman assists individuals and families in finding greater fulfillment in their relationships. When appropriate, he also uses solution-focused , cognitive-behavioral, and strength-based approaches. Areas of special  focus include: * Improving communication,  *Rebuilding trust, *Premarital counseling, *Sex therapy, *LGBTQ relationship concerns, *Parenting concerns

A note regarding health insurance: Health insurance plans do not cover relationship/couples/marriage counseling. Accordingly, we offer two options to our clients interested in relationship counseling:

  • Cash: $90 per session, or $400 for a package of 5 sessions, if prepaid for the four treatment visits after the initial meeting (non-refundable, $50 savings). This option is likely to appeal most to those seeking no third party involvement, minimal paperwork, and focus entirely on the relationship issues instead of individual issues. 
  • Insurance: To utilize health insurance benefits in a fashion that is legal and ethical, each party must be enrolled as an individual therapy client and sessions are scheduled back-to-back for 30 minutes each. While relationship issues may be addressed indirectly, use of insurance benefits requires that the provider focus primarily on an individual's diagnosis and treatment. *

*Mr. Zimmerman is only able to accept Wellmark BCBS insurance. Those seeking to utilize insurance benefits who do not have Wellmark BCBS will be offered a different provider who is on their insurance panel, but the approach utilized will not be the unique one described above.

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